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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Coat closet to mini-mudroom: phase II

Upon starting this little "Coat closet to mini-mudroom" series, I was thinking there would be two phases.  I can now see that is not the case.  Oh well- who knows how many phases there will be at this point, but fingers crossed there aren't too many more!

So, let's see.  When we last spoke, the closet looked something like this, right?
The construction of the top half of the closet was done, and I had rolled the cedar chest in to get an idea of what it might look like with a bench.  Well just last week, Dad and I had some time to get back to work on making that bench a reality.  Since we had already had several planning sessions about how the bottom would be constructed and what the finished product would look like, he was able to get started at his house.  So, when he showed up last Monday, he had this grid already made.
Which, he could just set into place.
Now, I suppose this grid and the resulting platform is really not necessary to the construction of the bench, or anything really, but as I scoured the internet for inspiration for this project I was really struck by the fact that the closet-turned-mudrooms with these platforms really looked much more custom and finished then those without it.  So, that is why we my dad went to the trouble of making it.  Once we topped the platform off with a piece of luan, my dad built an almost identical grid out of 2x4s to act as the bench.
Lots of support all the way across means this thing is sturdy.
My dad has rated it to 500 lbs, which means Colin, me and both dogs can all sit up there at the same time.
The bench was topped with 1/2" plywood.
Colin had the honor of nailing down the plywood after a quick pointer from my Dad.
And, before we knew it, this thing was really starting to take shape!
And, because I do love staging even my incomplete projects, here it is staged and white balanced.

Oh, and stay tuned, because I've just finished constructing the storage crates for under the bench, and they are totally cute!



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  1. This project is really coming together beautifully Emily! You must love it! And looks like you have some very talented and handsome men to help you out!