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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fun with chalkboard paint

Remember back when we removed the top half of the wall between the kitchen and dining room?  In doing that, we exposed the side of one cabinet.  See it there just past the sink?  (Yes, it's the one with the missing crown molding.)
In the height of the remodel, a friend commented how fun it would be if I painted the side of that cabinet with chalkboard paint and used it for a menu board.  I immediately loved the idea and vowed to do it.  But, as I thought more and more about it, a nagging voice kept reminding me that I should be considering any future owners of this house with every change I make.  And, what if a future prospective buyer hated that I had permanently altered a cabinet?  So, I brainstormed ways to use the side of the cabinet as a menu board without permanently painting it.  I got the idea to cover the cabinet with some thin plywood, which I could then paint.  So, that's just what I did.
I picked up a sheet of the thinnest plywood I could find, cut it to size using my jig saw, painted it, and used several small finishing nails to attach it to the side of the cabinet.  I know I will be leaving nail holes behind if I ever decide to remove the board, but I figured that is better than the alternative.  The tiny holes can be patched and stained/painted to match the rest of the cabinet pretty easily.  Once I had mounted the board, I trimmed it out with some molding.  I used a simple miter box and hand saw to cut the trim.  I left space at the top for the crown that needs to be cut and re-installed in case the molding fairy ever shows up.

But, as I worked on the new chalkboard with visions of my weekly menu posted there, I reluctantly admitted that I didn't actually need a spot for a menu board.  Because, you see, this is the view from my kitchen sink.
See that there menu board right across in the dining room?!  You can read how I invented that chalkboard from an old broken door here.
After I admitted that our menu board needs were pretty much already met, it didn't take me long to figure out another use for a chalkboard in the heart of our home.  Considering the amount of time I spend in the kitchen every day, I decided it was a perfect location to post a weekly Bible verse.  My goal is to memorize the verse each week, but even if I don't it's great to have an encouraging scripture (or a humbling one!) posted in such a visible location.
This week's verse is from James, and I have been both encouraged and humbled as I have meditated on it.
So, there you have it:  the simple and temporary addition of a chalkboard in our kitchen.  I love it because not only does it provide me a spot for an uplifting message, it's also a fun and interesting design element!

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  1. What a perfect spot for a chalkboard Emily! And I love the idea of using it for inspiration!

  2. Great place for an inspirational chalkboard! Love it- xo Diana

  3. Yummy, yummy -- I wonder who'll be eating those hot dogs and s'mores?! Can't wait!

    Eden & Naomi