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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Do you see what I see?

Something is different in our living room, and I'll give you 3 guesses, but you probably won't need them.

We got an awesome, soft and fuzzy, correctly sized, wool, trellis patterned rug, and I am IN LOVE!
I have known our living room rug was on the small size, but rugs are expensive, people!  And, I had been passively searching for a replacement, but I hadn't found anything I couldn't live without.  And, if I'm going to shell over that kind of moolah for a rug, I have to LOVE it.

Enter: online rug retailers, namely RugsUSA.com and Overstock.com.  If you cannot find a rug that you love on one of these sites, then you cannot love a rug.  Serious.  They have EVERYTHING.

When I saw this beaut, I knew she was destined to be mine.  And, the fact that she was 20% off made the deal even sweeter.
I labored over what color to get, and I originally was going to go with the gray.  But reading the reviews revealed that the gray was very much a blue-gray, and I was worried that it would be too blue.  So, I went with my second choice:  khaki. 
And, now that I have it, I love the color and think it's perfect with what I have going on in the room.  It's a nice neutral, and I think it will prove to be quite versatile, as this room continues to evolve.  The khaki section is looped and slightly lower than the tufted cream trellis pattern.  Overall, the rug is very soft and fluffy, and it's 100% wool, which was a requirement for this purchase.
I feel like this addition just pulled the whole room together.  Oh, and don't mind the tv on the hearth.  It's football playoffs season, people, and this Ravens Fan needs to see her team play.  Even if game time is during dinner-making time.  M'kay?!
Some reviewers complained about the rug shedding too much, but I haven't had any issues.  I suspect the worse offenders are probably the darker rugs, because the light pattern and the dark background make the shedding so much more obvious.  I have no complaints.  There has been some shedding, but compared to what I was expecting?  Nada.

Ah, home sweet home.



  1. I looooove that rug!! Such a perfect neutral but with some interest. I just bought a jute rug from rugsusa and haven't even unrolled it yet!

  2. It's so pretty! I found my rugs at RugsUSA when they were having a 75% OFF Summer Sale...WOW! Great way to buy rugs! Hope you really enjoy your new rug.

  3. Good choice! It's really elegant looking! If I lived in the states I would totally be ordering a rug from there; it seems like so many pretty rugs I see on blogs are from there!

  4. Beautiful rug! Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my Linky Party Tips at Diana Rambles.com. I am your newest follower!!