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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

3 + 3 = perfection!

Earlier this week, I spent an evening going through the house and spackling some of the larger random holes that we have in the walls around the house.  And since I completed that project last night with the final round of sanding and then paint, I gave myself the green light to put some more holes in the breakfast room walls.  :)

You see, I'd been feeling like things were a little off balance in there.  Does anyone agree?
The shelves on the right are super helpful and functional storage, and it wasn't *so* bad when I had the some other things hanging on the left side, but once I removed them, the wall was awfully off balance.

Of course, that's nothing a quick trip to Ikea (and a hammer and a bunch of wall anchors and a drill and some screws and a tape measure and a level) can't fix!

Instead of 3 shelves, we now have 6!  Ahh, balance, sweet, balance!
Symmetry, how I've missed you!!
Since this project was driven more by aesthetics than a need for storage, I just threw some things up onto the shelves for staging.  Some stemware, a couple canisters, and frame with a piece of red craft paper worked pretty well for the left side.  The basket holds our cloth napkins that we use (and reuse until they're kinda grody) for each meal.  We gave up paper napkins and paper towels for the most part several years ago, so having cloth napkins within easy reach is important.
 On the right side, we have some more canisters, a vintage scale, another basket and a piece of framed burlap.  I do hope to get some more interesting art in the frames, but for now, place holders are just fine with me.

So, what do you all think?  Do you like the look of the 3 new shelves?  Do you agree that 3 + 3 = perfection?


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  1. i agree wholeheartedly! looks wonderful!

  2. Looks great! Nice job...

  3. I totally agree! I'm a girl who likes symetry too. Your shelves are pretty and functional. And I'm loving that wall color! Nicely done!