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Proverbs 13: 4 The soul of the sluggard craves and gets nothing, while the soul of the diligent is richly supplied.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Colin's room reveal

Historically, President's Day weekend is a weekend of home projects or house purchases around here, and this year was no different.  A couple months ago, Colin started asking to move the furniture around in his room and to repaint the walls.  Knowing that he'd be in sunny Florida visiting his grandmother over this past weekend, I decided this would be the perfect time to paint his room and give it a mini-makeover.  I talked my dad into coming into town to handle the painting, and I started assembling things to use in his new room.  Some of the things I put into his room were things he had but we had never done anything with, some of the things were already in his room, and some of the things I purchased without him knowing.  My goal for this room makeover was major wow with little moolah (a novel idea, I know).  :)

Here's the before of his room:

There were already a lot of things going for his room.  The room is a great size, and he absolutely loves his furniture.  He also has 3 large windows that let in a ton of natural light, but the room had zero personality.  I cringe when I look at these photos.  It always bothered me that we had nothing hanging on his walls and no personalization going on, but whenever he picked something out for his room, it would be something that I knew he'd hate in a matter of weeks.  So, I kept putting off doing anything.

So, after several weeks of gathering things and working on secret projects and a weekend of painting, here is the after:

I have lots of details to share about the things I put into his room, but I have neither the time nor the attention span tonight to write about it all.  So, stay tuned for more deets.  Oh, and Colin loves his new room.  He has hardly left it, aside from going to school.  And, that makes this mom's heart happy!



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  1. Hey Emily! The changes look fantastic! The color is so fun. So glad you like my art. It fits in perfectly!!

  2. Lucky Colin! That is a great room! I love the color and the fresh new look! Great idea to put the shelf over the closet doors!