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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Kitchen reveal

Whew!  I am happy, relieved, grateful, THRILLED to say that the kitchen is DONE!  (Well, about 90% done as here is still some paint touch ups and trim work that needs to be knocked out.)  But, as far as you are concerned:  IT'S DONE!  So, let's take a look.  As you remember, we took out the top half of the wall separating the kitchen from the dining room.

 That left us with this lovely half wall and ledge.  This one change really opened up the entire area.
 Now, when you are in the kitchen, you are no longer isolated from folks in the dining room.  You can even participate in conversation with folks in the living room (yeah, our house is kinda small).
To top the half wall, I got some stock lumber from HD, cut it to size, router-ed it, stained it and nailed it down.  It was seriously easy and cheap.
As you can see from these shots, I decided to go with the beadboard backsplash.  I painted it in the same color as the breakfast room and installed it using a borrowed brad nailer.  It wasn't difficult, but it did take a bit of time.  That being said, I am thrilled with the results. I plan to add moulding around the top edge, because that's where my cuts are.

The breakfast area just got a face lift.  A green greige paint on the top, and fresh white on the bottom.  I spruced up our shelves with some sunny yellow accents, and sewed some simple curtains.

 Oooh, what's that I see over there on the dresser- a new lamp?!  A new lamp indeed!  :)
Wanna step back in time for a moment for some before and after comparisons?

Thanks to everyone who followed along with me on this project.  It was fun, but I think I'll stick to smaller things for a while.  I definitely have more than a minor case of DIY burnout.  Haha!



PS- is anyone interested in a budget breakdown?  I see real bloggers doing that all the time to show what awesome deal finders they are, and I'm always impressed.  If anyone is interested in what this minor redo cost me, I'm happy to share.  Just lemme know!


  1. I love your new kitchen Emily! It looks so fresh and pretty! Opening up that wall was the best move ever! And what a great view you have looking out your window! Enjoy!!!

  2. What an incredible makeover, Emily! I can't believe how bright and open the space looks - both the kitchen and the dining room. Gorgeous!

  3. Hi Emily! I have enjoyed reading your blog and I just nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! You can read more here: http://thelittlegsp.com/2012/04/16/versatile-blogger-award/

    Keep up the great work and enjoy your kitchen!

    ~Annie (from Delmarva Dockdogs)