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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Kitchen curtains: done-zo!

Ya'll it happened!  I found the most deliciously fantastic fabric with which to whip up some basic panels for the kitchen windows.  It took me only a fraction of the time it usually does at the fabric store to decide that this was "the one", and I whisked 3 yards of this yellow and gray perfection home with me and quickly sewed it into some simple window treatments.

It wasn't until I had sewn and hung the curtains that I realized that many of my concerns with the room had been resolved!  Just a small and simple addition in the form of a little bit of a fabric made such a huge difference!  Now there is something lovely for your eyes to go to and rest upon.  Before the curtains, I think the room just felt bland and empty and sterile.  Now it feels like a lived in room!

Tonight I also made my final decision on the backsplash material and made a big purchase.  Anyone want to venture a guess about whether I decided on the modern and sleek glass mosaic tiles or if I chose the classic look of bead board?




  1. Pretty curtain fabric choice Emily! Hmmm, I love both of your backsplash options! I'll guess you went modern since you already have beadboard in your home and you do a good job of mixing modern and vintage.

  2. I love your curtains, Emily! They are the perfect finishing touch. I am going to guess glass back splash because the curtains have a modern edge to them and I think you will probably pick that up. However, you can't go wrong with beadboard either! xo Diana

  3. Just to be different, I'll say you're going with the beadboard backsplash option. (Maybe because the painting job turned out to be so much more than you'd planned, so you're going simple with the backsplash? Although I really think you'll go with the glass!)


    This is from Leah: xoxo

    This is from August: I'm counting down the days until Sunday!

    (Eden and Naomi are at riding lessons, so they can't comment now!)

  4. Love the curtains!

  5. Hi, I hope you get this comment because I know this was posted a while ago. But I just loooove the fabric for those curtains. Can you tell me where you got it and what was the brand or the collection name? I would be so grateful!

  6. Doldrums- you're a no reply commenter, so I can't respond to you personally! So, I hope you're checking back. :) I got the fabric from JoAnn's, and I can't remember who makes it. But, I was already planning to run some errands tonight which will take me right next door to the fabric store. So, I will run in and see if I can figure out the designer. For some reason I think it's Waverly, but don't quote me on that. Stay tuned!

  7. I found it! It's by Waverly and is called Square Root Sterling.


  8. You're totally right! The colors and pattern are fantastic and cozy up the space. :)