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Monday, August 20, 2012

Crossing the Finish Line

Reading shelter blogs has a way of broadening horizons, opening minds, developing taste pallets.  Wouldn't you agree?  I never imagined I would be one to mix finishes in my home, but that's what I did last week when I installed oil rubbed bronze (ORB) cabinet hardware in the kitchen.
For the 5 years we've lived here, we have had no hardware on the kitchen cabinets.  That means grasping for drawer or door corners with grubby hands, which inevitably leaves a mess behind.  And then there's the unfortunately phenomenon of not knowing/remembering which side some doors open on, which is really a lose-lose.  But, no fear:  cabinet hardware to the rescue!
The install was pretty simple (drill hole, insert screw, screw on knob), and the results have me scratching my head and wondering why I didn't install hardware 5 years ago.  Except, if I had, they probably wouldn't have been ORB, and I love ORB, so I'm glad I waited!

See, I always thought all hardware had to match match.  That meant picking a finish (whether it be ORB or brushed nickel or tacky a lovely brass), and using it throughout your entire house (or at least consistently throughout a room):  door knobs, plumbing fixtures, lighting, everything.  But, I'm just not so sure anymore.  When we moved into our house, all of the door hardware was an absolutely awful shiny brass.  I switched them almost immediately to antique bronze, and we have several antique bronze light fixtures around the house, which I like.  But, when we gave the master bath a small facelift a couple years ago, and now that we updated the kitchen, I've been working in some ORB fixtures.  Everything in the master bath is ORB, including the plumbing and the lights.

And, in the kitchen, I am sure you remember these awesome ORB pendents that I fell in love with.
Several years ago, I never would have made these choices.  But, I think mixing finishes like this gives the house an acquired look.  A layered look, if you will.  The finishes I've chosen (two different sades of bronze) play well together.  And, though I don't see any brushed nickel in my future now, I won't absolutely rule it out!  Because I anticipate my tastes will keep changing and maturing.

But enough talk of mixing finishes.  Let's do a couple before and afters.  Because, you may argue that finishes in a room should never be mixed.  And, you may argue that my picture taking leaves a little bit to be desired (I was going to snap some more pics tonight before I posted this, but it's dark and rainy!), but you cannot argue the improvement the cabinet hardware makes in our kitchen!

Wouldn't you agree?!




  1. It looks very, very nice, Emily. I can't imagine how frustrating that must have been all that time without hardware- xo Diana

  2. That's really funny -- we just took a tour of the new-ish beach house next to Jim's parents' place last week in NC, and the owner had the same ORB drawer pulls in her stunning kitchen. I commented to Jim that whenever we redo our kitchen, those are the kind of drawer pulls I want!

    And, by the way, Jim's parents' beach house doesn't have any kitchen cabinet hardware and I'm constantly trying to open the doors from the wrong side!