dil·i·gence:careful and persistent work or effort

Proverbs 13: 4 The soul of the sluggard craves and gets nothing, while the soul of the diligent is richly supplied.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Happy birthday to me!

This past week, I celebrated a birthday!  So, this weekend was jam packed full of fun!  I didn't get photos of all of the fun, but here's a snapshot of our festivities.  On Saturday, Colin and I met my mom, sister and sister's kids at Elizabeth & Co.'s tag sale.  I was SO EXCITED that this sale just happened to be on my birthday weekend.

I had stumbled upon this blog a while ago, and I have absolutely loved checking out all of their goodies at their past 3 tag sales.  Not only do they have adorable, vintage furniture and decorations, the ladies that run the blog and the sales are some of the warmest, friendliest, sweetest people!  I just love walking into their sweet old home to see their smiling faces and to discover what treasures are waiting for me.  Here's a bit of the things they tempted me with:

The word vintage spelled out in Scrabbled letters.  Why have I not done this yet??

A gorgeous Christmas wreath with a burlap bow (that's what I loved the most!):

Yarn scarves.  I plan on making these...

What I loved about this vignette the most are the colors.  I love me some aqua these days:

If I had unlimited space in my house, I would have gladly taken this beauty home with me.  And, everything on top of it!  :)  My love for grey is finally being realized.

This, I should have bought.  It's the perfect colors for my office with butter yellow walls and turquoise dresser.  Maybe it will still be there in the spring?

I WANT THIS!!  Did I not see it?  (Colin took these pictures.)  Was there a sold sign on it?  I'm not sure, but I love it.

These stocking were adorable.  I am a sucker for anything made of burlap, as some of them were.  The shape of the stocking is so whimsical and fun.

I am so ready for my house to start showing the signs of Christmas.  I loved all of the trees and decorations.

I am about to make one of these.  I have wanted to make an est sign for a while now.  Of course, if you follow me on Pinterest, you would know that.

How perfect are these for a front porch?!  There were two of them, and they did beg me to take them home, but I held strong.

We all had such a great time at the tag sale!

After the tag sale, we headed to an antique mall around the corner.  By the time we were done pickin', this is what came home with me:  a cute side table from Eliz & Co, and a cottage sign, a small barn star, and some jingle bells from the antique mall.

After that, we headed back to Main Street, Westminster to have lunch at this adorable little cafe:

It was so cute, and the food was delicious!

Then, this morning, I went to my happy place with Blake and Piper.

Piper was as happy to be there as I was.

And, yes, they went for a swim.

What a fun weekend it was!




  1. Hi Emily! Thank you so much for visiting and for writing about us on your blog! We love your family! I told everyone in advance that Emily and the girls were coming. And how nice to meet your mom and Colin too! I hope Colin doesn't mind that I borrowed one of his photos. Maybe he needs a commission! And I'm so glad you had a fun birthday weekend. It sounds like it was filled with love and laughter and even a little quiet time - just perfect!

  2. Sharon- I will gladly give Colin twice as many hugs and kisses on your behalf for the picture you borrowed! :)

  3. Well, Sharon (Elizabeth & Co) says you are the sweetest girl ever! Being as she thinks THAT I had to come find you! You need to get yourself over to DebbieDoos NEWBIE party so that you get discovered! You have a darling blog-now you just need to get some followers! If you can't find DebbieDoo-let me know. She has helped a lot of gals get started.

    I am so happy to meet you- and I am your newest follower. Someday I will be able to say- I knew her from the beginning! Pop over and say Hello when you get a chance! Hugs- Diana