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Proverbs 13: 4 The soul of the sluggard craves and gets nothing, while the soul of the diligent is richly supplied.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Boring tray gets facelift

Who says useful things in your house can't also be beautiful?  This tray from Ikea has popped around our house for years and has probably found itself in just about every room at one time or another.
And, there was absolutely nothing wrong with the tray in its whiteness.

I had been using it on the ottoman in our living room for magazines and drinks and stuff.

But, then I decided that with the white tray and the white faux sheepskin and the white bricks and the white bookcases, there was a bit too much white for my liking.  So, why not jazz up the tray?  I grabbed 2 pieces of craft paper from Hobby Lobby in my new favorite pattern.  They're the large square sheets- 20" square perhaps?  The width of the paper was about an inch shorter than the width of my tray, so in the interest of keeping things simple, I left a border of white around the edges.  I mod podged the first sheet of paper down, and then mod modged the other sheet right on top of it, overlapping wherever necessary to get the whole tray covered.

Then, at the seam of the two sheets of paper, I just mod podged a piece of ribbon over top of it to disguise it.  Easy peasy!
 I think the final product is just perfect!  A little pop of color is all I wanted, and that's just what I got.
Today's lesson:  never underestimate the power of craft paper and mod podge.  :)


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  1. Very cute, Emily! I've got one of those around here, too. The old white boring variety, that is. xo Diana

  2. They've been selling those trays at Ikea for years, haven't they?!

  3. Sooo much more fun and interesting now! Isn't it great to take something you have had forever and give it a new look? So happy to have you joining the party! ... And I have a blog tip for you too. In your comment settings, you can have all your comments sent directly to an email address. I have a email just for blog related stuff. The comment will still show up on the blog, but it makes it so easy to hit reply and the reply will go directly back to the commentor. If you reply on the blog, chances are that the commentor will never see the reply. Also, you don't want to miss comments that people make on older posts. I often have people leave comments on posts from a year ago. I would never even know that if the comments weren't coming to an email address. Just a little something I thought you might like to know. Have a great day Emily!