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Proverbs 13: 4 The soul of the sluggard craves and gets nothing, while the soul of the diligent is richly supplied.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Demo's done PLUS we have light!

So, last time I we spoke, the plumbing and existing electrical had been moved.  That left some new electrical to wire and drywall repair.  I am pleased to announce that it has been done!  My contractor made super quick work of things and manage to knock most of it out on day 2.  He did have to come back on day 3 for an hour or two of sanding, but that is it!  Here is how things look today:

 I had my contractor wire 2 overhead boxes above where the ledge will be thinking that I could easily knock out installing 2 simple pendent lights myself.  First of all, the words 'simple' and 'electrical' should never occur together in the same thought.  The hanging process was not, in fact, simple.  Secondly, installing new overhead fixtures requires at least 2 1/2, sometimes 3 to 4 hands.  It is not a job to do solo, especially when you only only have mediocre (I'm being generous here) electrical skills.  Thankfully, my dad was once again in town and he gave me a hand pretty much handled the whole thing and just told me what to do.

Well, enough of that.  I say it's time for more pictures!  This is the view from living room.
Oh, these pendent lights!  No matter how much fiberglass laden attic navigation they required, they really do it for me!
Aren't they perfection?  I think I have a pendent crush.
And this fab view is from the breakfast room.  I cannot believe I can sit at the kitchen table in the breakfast room gazing out into the backyard and then glance over my shoulder and see the living room!

And, this?  This is my view from the sink as I wash dishes.  Pure delight, I tell 'ya!
And so, let's take a walk down memory lane, shall we?  This used to be my dish washing station:
And, this is it now!
This used to be the view from the living room towards the wall that isolated the kitchen.
 And, now that the wall is half gone!
Oh happy day!!  Who knew losing half a wall could make one person so happy?!

Okay so yes, it's true we've been making good progress with this project.  But, there is still a bunch to do.  I still need to:
  1. Clean, prime and paint dining room side of half wall.  We don't have any of the existing paint color, so that should be fun.
  2. Clean, prime and paint the ceiling.  Again, we don't have that paint color either, so this may turn into painting the ceiling in the entire kitchen, dining/living room and hallway to the bedrooms since they're all connected. (Do I smell a painting party?)
  3. Repair the crown that had to be removed to take down the upper cabinets.
  4. Ditch the boob light in the kitchen.  I found a semi-flush fixture that is in the same collection as my pendents that I think will be perfect.  Only concern is being too matchy-matchy, but we'll see.
  5. Prime and paint the breakfast room.  Goodbye red walls.  Yeah, I loved them, but now they've got to go!  And, I think I've decided on a paint color or two.
  6. Figure out what to top the half wall with.  Currently, I have a 1x10 cut to size sitting up there.  Stay tuned for developments on this front.
  7. Purchase and install a backsplash.  The jury is still out on this one.
Whew.  I feel slightly overwhelmed listing all of that off, but it has to be done.  (Okay, okay, that might not be exactly true.  I actually secretly LOVE making lists!  So, the list making doesn't stress me, but the work to be done does.)  Ah well, we'll just keep plugging along.  And, with any luck, my dad will continue to "just happen to be in town" when I need his help with anything complicated.  :)




  1. It is looking so good. You've come a long way and I'll bet you are just thrilled with everything. Have a good week-xo Diana

  2. WOW! It looks fantastic! There's so much light flowing through the rooms. Great job!

  3. Looks beautiful!!! Love the lights...Dad's are just great, huh?! Funny how they come in town at just the right time :)

  4. Oh happy day is right! You must feel like your whole house just got bigger! It looks fabulous!